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Using Timber for External Cladding

Timber cladding is becoming more popular in the recent years, replacing the previously famous brick or rendered finishes. Durability of the timber must be carefully considered when using the cladding for exterior installation.

Exterior timber cladding is a highly preferred facade because it can add warmth to a structure, which provides a sustainable option as compared with brick or other types of finishes. Timber offers an attractive, lasting, and durable finish for any building exterior.


Why Use Timber?

If you choose timber as your material for exterior commercial cladding, you’ll never regret it. Here’s why:


Environmental Benefits

Timber is eco-friendly and has a low impact on the environment. It is renewable resource, consumes less energy, and it is available from legal and sustainable sources. By the time its service life is over, it can be recycled and can be used as fuel. It also has low carbon footprint.

This material is naturally flexible, making it resistant to strong winds, extreme weather conditions, highly reactive soils, and tremors. Timber can withstand greater pressure and movement than masonry and other rigid building materials.


Aesthetic Benefits

Timber is a natural material, which makes it warm and comforting. It is effortlessly attractive in grain and color, soothing to the eyes. It is available in many different styles, textures, and finishes, which encourages design creativity. This material is easy to rejuvenate or redecorate.

With the modern finishes that we have today, it can give an attractive look to cladding and can be used to change the color and style of the structure. This makes timber a versatile material that could keep up with the fast-changing tastes and fashions of the modern world.


Practical Benefits

This material is strong and robust yet lightweight. Some other denser hardwoods can be heavy though, but this material is not too heavy to work with. With timber, you can get both a protective and decorative design functions.

Low durability species can be enhanced easily by wood treatment and modification. It can change and improve the appearance of the exterior and give added protection as well. Timber also provides outstanding sound and thermal insulation to the building.

Quick to install and easy to repair. With timber, you won’t have to use heavy masonry on outer walls, reducing the size and cost of the foundations.


Key Points

The natural appeal, eco-friendly characteristic, versatility, and durability of timber make it the most preferred material for external cladding. With this being said, timber cladding not only creates a very sturdy building that has a good sound and thermal insulation, and creates a place of elegance, style and natural appeal. No other cladding material can provide the same creativity, design potential, ease of handling, and natural beauty of timber.

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Bunded Tanks Explained

Bunded tanks are utilized to contain hazardous toxic substances and prevent them from overflowing. Bunded tanks are different from other oil storage tanks because they have a secondary containment tank. The outside skin, also called the bund wall, is sturdy enough to ensure that the liquid contained does not cause any damage to the environment. This feature helps prevent any oil from spilling out onto the ground. If there is any leakage from the main storage tank, it will still be contained safely within the exterior wall. These tanks are more robust than any other type of containers.


Is a bunded tank right for you?

Bunded tanks are useful for most commercial and industrial sites. They are also required in certain circumstances such as if your containers at your home or commercial premises have the capacity to store over 3,500 liters, it will need to be bunded. A bunded tank is also required if the container needs to be in a location with a risk of an oil spillage. Containers near a public water source, lake, river or stream are extremely dangerous.


Other features of a bunded tank

The features of a bunded tank vary according to its size and model. Bunded tanks have other standard safety features aside from its bunded walls that prevent spillage. A bunded tank includes a tank gauge, which indicates how much fuel is left in the tank. With a tank gauge, you will know whether it’s time to refuel.

Another feature is its lockable fill point that prevents any fuel theft. You’ll also find a secure fuel inspection hatch, which is designed for fuel access and to clean the tank. If there is a sudden decrease in fuel either due to leakage or oil theft, you will know by its alarm system. Moreover, putting too much oil in the tank is prevented by an overfill protection device.

What is the capacity of the bunding?

The outer part of the tank is designed to hold more than the capacity of the inner tank, to ensure that nothing spills out in the case of leakage. The outer section also stores the pipes and vents of the tank. It can hold at least 110% of the fuel capacity of the inner tank. Some can hold more than that amount, depending on the make and model of the tank.


Key Points

A bunded fuel tank is a great way to store any hazardous substances because of its strong protective layer. With its ability to prevent damage to the environment due to leakage, it is the most environmental-friendly option. The tank’s double layering also makes it impossible to steal fuel from the inner section of the tank, thus preventing fuel theft. Moreover, the outer wall provides protection to the inner tank wall from any impact damage.


Why Visit a Testosterone Clinic?

Majority of men shy away from medical examinations and going to the doctor to get checked out. Most of the time, men would just ignore any signs and symptoms they might be feeling until it gets very uncomfortable for them.


However, it’s not good to ignore these health concerns because they might lead into something more serious and complicated of not treated right away. Sometimes, it only takes a simple solution to take away their misery. Whatever is the causing the symptoms, it will be addressed by seeing a health professional.


One of the most sensitive medical topics for men is their testosterone level. While some men are already open to the idea that it is for their own good, others are too shy or afraid to know if they have low T.


Testosterone is the male hormone that is responsible for men’s sexual development including their sex organs and reproductive system. In other words, testosterone gives men their well-being as “men”. Lower levels of testosterone in the body may cause problems. If it comes with age, it may not be that alarming. However, extremely low testosterone levels are definitely not a good sign.


When Should Visit a Testosterone Clinic?


Testosterone clinics are dedicated to men’s health conditions, focusing on their physical, mental, and sexual health. If you feel or experience anything unusual with your body functions, emotional and psychological well-being, and other physical health, go see a doctor.


Visit a testosterone clinic if you experience any of the following conditions, which are most likely related to low testosterone levels:


Erectile dysfunction (ED)

This medical condition is described as the inability to achieve and maintain an erection, making it impossible to perform sexual intercourse. A man with erectile dysfunction is used to be called impotent, but this term does not apply anymore. While low libido or sex drive and premature ejaculation can be problems caused by low testosterone, note that they are different from erectile dysfunction.


Androgen Deficiency

Men with low testosterone complain of getting fatigue or tired easily, low energy, mood swings, easily irritated, poor concentration and focus, and reduced sex drive. As men age and their testosterone level goes down, the amount of body fat increases, muscle mass and strength decreases. Bone density as well with low testosterone. As a result, it propels the risk for the development of osteoporosis.


Old Age

While old age is a normal thing, meaning it’s obviously not an illness, but there can be medical conditions related to it. If you are in your 40s, your testosterone level normally declines. In fact, the decline in men’s testosterone level starts in the age of 30. Talk to your doctor for the appropriate treatment for you.


Getting Treatment


Replacing testosterone in men who have very low testosterone level can be very beneficial to them,  by regulating their sexual function and other body functions. The treatment helps with body fat, build muscle, regulate cholesterol levels and bone density. Overall, the patient would experience an improvement in his quality of life.