Catering Equipment Repairs and How You can Maintain them

Catering Equipment Repairs and How You can Maintain them

In a catering business, the right equipment is very important in providing the best services. But to make sure that the equipment will serve its purpose, proper care is a must and, in some cases, catering equipment repairs might be necessary. Machine repairs and maintenance play an important part to make sure that the business will keep going and the quality of the service is maintained.

If you fail to maintain your kitchen equipment on a regular basis, this could lead to financial pressures. In summer season, problems are likely to occur in refrigerators as the condenser is forced to maintain a safe temperature. At the same time, your combi-oven can be a problem due to regular usage. 

Using the equipment on a continuous basis without maintenance will lead them to break down easily. This is why you need to perform measures to prevent problems and any issues from getting worse. Proper maintenance should also be done to ensure longer life for the equipment.

Warranty for your Equipment

Good thing if your catering equipment has a warranty so you have something to hold on to in case of a malfunction. Any equipment is likely to breakdown due to poor maintenance. This is very common due to lack of servicing on frequent basis. If you have not invested in catering equipment repairs and maintenance, then you have yourself to blame. This cost of having it fixed is a lot higher than spending for its maintenance.

Follow Instructions

In order to steer clear of these problems, it should be within the needed distances to services as electricity and water, as per instructed by the manufacturer. It needs to be installed following the instructions and in the best location. If the equipment needs to set up by a professional, do not try it on your own as this can invalidate the warranty.

In most cases, equipment appliances require a water filtration system along with it. This is done to make sure that the one you set up will properly fit the equipment. This would mean cost but you need to see this as a way to protect your investment. This will help prevent any future breakdown that could lead to bigger problems with the catering equipment.

Regular Servicing

It is important to make sure that your catering equipment is regularly serviced. Engineers can help to properly certify it and their visits would make sure that you will have the maximum possible lifespan out of the equipment.

Anything small or minor like a loose door hinge can the potential to become bigger problems. Be sure that you stay on top of it and you need to keep your equipment in its best condition. 

Also, anything trivial like such could lead to a longer time for you to prepare your food, which could have a knock-on effect on the business. As a result, this would lead to frustration and things will get to a downhill. Therefore, be sure to treat your equipment in the best way possible.

Why Should You Choose the Right Carton Sealing Machine for Your Business?

Why Should You Choose the Right Carton Sealing Machine for Your Business?

If you seriously want your business to grow and develop into a direction that you want it to go to, make it sure that you are utilizing the right carton sealing machine for your product offerings.

So, aside from marketing and promotion of your product offerings, there are many other things that you need to mind about just to ensure the success of your business ventures. Your product packaging is among those things you should not leave to chance.

A good product packaging should be strikingly good and should evoke good recall of your brand — this is how you should work them up. Nowadays, when it comes to packaging machinery there are a lot of options that offer greater flexibility and a lot of room for creativity.

Many industry experts agree in saying that automated packing machines as among the best there is when it comes to packing options. It can be applied to all businesses, regardless of the industry they’re involved in.

What to Look for in a Carton Sealing Machine?

Normally, people are initially undecided with their first choice for packing machines. It is inevitable for them not to have second thoughts about their decision if they are choosing the right machine for the job at hand.

Below are useful pointers to help and guide you on choosing the right packing machine for your company’s product line.  

  • High working speed
  • Easy to maintain
  • Good in performance
  • Easy to operate and use
  • Within your budget
  • Easy to repair
  • The size should be variable according to space
  • Pace availability.

Finding the right packing machine to use in your operation will not happen by chance. Most of the time, you need to perform thorough research first to determine your available options. And, of course, the Internet will make any kind of research work a lot easier and seamless.

It is most helpful in the aspect of product reviews and feedbacks. However, this aspect is kind of deceptive nowadays because there is a growing proliferation of bogus feedback even on major product review sites. So take caution when trying to check out product reviews.

Now when trying to look for a packing machine, it is essential that you take into consideration what its good features are. If you have no idea on these, consider the following points instead:

Fully Automatic/Semi Automatic: When it comes to packaging machines, we have two types of operational systems, semi-automatic and fully automatic. Choose which among the two would work best according to your business requirements, especially one that fits your disposable budget for this purpose.  

Power Usage: This part here now is actually tricky. When trying to shop for a packing machine for your items, check out the indicated power requirement of the machine.

A few of these machines usually consume less energy than others yet they are still able to provide competitive quality. Choose the one that will help you optimize your business potential.  

Productivity: This is one factor that is of vital importance. What matters most in any packing machine is production capacity.  

Countless numbers of businesses are seeing to it that they present their product offerings in exceptional and attractive packaging. A bang-up carton sealing machine can help your business do the same and with good packaging design, you are increasing your chances to become one of the most sought after brands in your market.

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General Machinery Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance is very important for machine tools as this would ensure their longevity. Whether the machinery maintenance is on the motor, attachments, or operational components, the need for routine checkups could not be stressed enough.

Machine breakdown is the last thing that you would want to happen, especially if it’s the result of improper maintenance. This is something that can always be prevented. To properly perform a maintenance checkup, below are some tips that you can follow.

Check the Lubrication

For machine tools that are always used such as lathe, it is very important to check its lubrication levels on a regular basis, preferably on a weekly basis. By making sure that the moving parts are well-lubricated, you can protect the motor for a longer period of time.

The process should include greasing of the moving parts, oiling the moving components, and checking all moving parts. Without enough lubricant, grease or oil, any machine will be subject to wear and tear. Eventually, this will lead to extreme damage and breakdowns.


Sharpen the Components

When using a machine with components that are designed for cutting, sharpening, chopping, or slicing, you need to make sure that their sharpness is maintained properly. Failing to perform a routine maintenance on the parts will lead to high risks in quality of production.

Sharpness is very important as you have to make sure that the cut materials are shaped accurately and correctly. Check the sharpness to tools such as drill bits, end bills, precision cutters, and lathe tools.


Check Alignment Specifications

You should not wait for the time when your machine tools have attachments or components that are out of alignment. This can seriously affect the quality of your work in a negative way. In order for you to determine if your machine is aligned properly, you need to perform some test jobs and then measure the resulting parts to check how the machine is currently working. If you see that the alignment is off, you have to realign the machine so you can maintain the accurate specifications.


Inspect Cleanliness

Though this is obvious, you still to be certain that the machine is regularly cleaned. Cleaning the different pieces of equipment daily or weekly will help keep the machine running at its best capacity. Cleanliness if usually taken for granted when it comes to smaller and specific parts.


Take Care of the Accessories and Parts

For you to properly maintain your machine, you need to do routine maintenance checks on all your accessories and components. This is imperative so you sure that all parts and accessories are stored and handled properly.

Maintaining your machine and making sure that it is in its best shape is more of a common sense. Whenever there is an odd sound, some strange smell, or any unordinary vibration could mean trouble. It is easier to take care of things when they are detected early on. So, whenever you notice or feel like something is wrong, check your machine immediately.

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