3D Printing Perth and Two Product Line Challenges They Can Help Solve

It has been quite some time since the wide array of business industries started their use of 3D printing Perth for a range of end-use parts. At one point in time, 3D printing or sometimes other people refer to it as “additive manufacturing” or AM, is confined to the creation of rapid prototype designing only. 

But eventually, due to the concerted effort to expand the practical applications of 3D printing services, it has now permeated the production process in the hope of delivering a range of efficacy benefits so as to be of help to various manufacturing enterprises. 

As per 2016 PWC report on industrial manufacturing trends, it positively identified 3D printing as among the solutions that are likely to have the greatest impact in a factory setting. This development is warmly welcomed by the majority of manufacturers. 

Enterprises wanting to improve the level of productivity in their own plants can take advantage of this present “technical renaissance”. Doing so will help them compete against their rival companies and keep their competitive edge by virtue of their customers seeking their very own gains from such innovation.  

Let us now delve deeper into how the perceived benefits would apply to the core of manufacturing – production lines – by virtue of identifying  common challenges that 3D printing Perth can help resolve. 

1.  A Production Line Component is Regularly Failing

Wear and tear brought about by constant temperature-induced stress, multi-component mechanisms,  throughput, and weak weld-points – are all factors that will pave the way for a mission-critical production line parts like suction pads, grippers, or jigs, — they can be compromised. With this happening, it can lead to product quality issues or a complete failure of production. 

3D printing a section or a part to another design specification may help in reducing the number of required individual components, change the surface topography, or strengthen structures that are susceptible to breakage.

Additionally, 3D printing essential line parts can help mitigate some supply chain risks such as OEM availability or reduced turnaround times for repair, maintenance or operations parts. It will also help you avoid bulk order replacements as they can be costly to store.  

2. High Scrap Rates for Products We are Manufacturing

The vast majority of manufacturing companies want to eliminate their probability of producing defective products. They also want to ensure they only have a very small scrap rate. Process defects that occurred during normal production conditions — they are tantamount to reputational, quality, and cost loss.  They also stand against lean manufacturing principles 

While we can always include human error as among the contributing factors on various product quality issues, poor component performance, tooling malfunctions, and incorrect equipment settings are more commonly associated with such issues than with the participation of a human hand.  

These are the primary reasons why we qualify 3D printing to a position that will address them by improving product handling capabilities at each crucial point in the production process or by enhancing the performance of machinery components through redesigning. 

Why Should You Choose the Right Carton Sealing Machine for Your Business?

Why Should You Choose the Right Carton Sealing Machine for Your Business?

If you seriously want your business to grow and develop into a direction that you want it to go to, make it sure that you are utilizing the right carton sealing machine for your product offerings.

So, aside from marketing and promotion of your product offerings, there are many other things that you need to mind about just to ensure the success of your business ventures. Your product packaging is among those things you should not leave to chance.

A good product packaging should be strikingly good and should evoke good recall of your brand — this is how you should work them up. Nowadays, when it comes to packaging machinery there are a lot of options that offer greater flexibility and a lot of room for creativity.

Many industry experts agree in saying that automated packing machines as among the best there is when it comes to packing options. It can be applied to all businesses, regardless of the industry they’re involved in.

What to Look for in a Carton Sealing Machine?

Normally, people are initially undecided with their first choice for packing machines. It is inevitable for them not to have second thoughts about their decision if they are choosing the right machine for the job at hand.

Below are useful pointers to help and guide you on choosing the right packing machine for your company’s product line.  

  • High working speed
  • Easy to maintain
  • Good in performance
  • Easy to operate and use
  • Within your budget
  • Easy to repair
  • The size should be variable according to space
  • Pace availability.

Finding the right packing machine to use in your operation will not happen by chance. Most of the time, you need to perform thorough research first to determine your available options. And, of course, the Internet will make any kind of research work a lot easier and seamless.

It is most helpful in the aspect of product reviews and feedbacks. However, this aspect is kind of deceptive nowadays because there is a growing proliferation of bogus feedback even on major product review sites. So take caution when trying to check out product reviews.

Now when trying to look for a packing machine, it is essential that you take into consideration what its good features are. If you have no idea on these, consider the following points instead:

Fully Automatic/Semi Automatic: When it comes to packaging machines, we have two types of operational systems, semi-automatic and fully automatic. Choose which among the two would work best according to your business requirements, especially one that fits your disposable budget for this purpose.  

Power Usage: This part here now is actually tricky. When trying to shop for a packing machine for your items, check out the indicated power requirement of the machine.

A few of these machines usually consume less energy than others yet they are still able to provide competitive quality. Choose the one that will help you optimize your business potential.  

Productivity: This is one factor that is of vital importance. What matters most in any packing machine is production capacity.  

Countless numbers of businesses are seeing to it that they present their product offerings in exceptional and attractive packaging. A bang-up carton sealing machine can help your business do the same and with good packaging design, you are increasing your chances to become one of the most sought after brands in your market.

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Small Business Marketing Melbourne: Strategies that Work

Small Business Marketing Melbourne: Strategies that Work

In Melbourne, there are a lot of businesses that work on a limited budget. What they do is maximize their budget on marketing while still trying to compete with bigger companies to get the attention of their target market. So, in this very competitive world of digital marketing agencies, how do you compete with a strict budget?

Sadly, there is no magic formula. But there are a lot of strategies for small business marketing in Melbourne that can be of great help. Below are some of them.


SEO or search engine optimization is among the most important strategies that small businesses should employ. This is the process of optimizing the website structure and its content so it becomes easier for search engines to read or crawl. Making small changes on the site and investing time on developing content that focuses on related keywords will help the page rank higher. When the rank is higher, there are more chances for more traffic.

Content Marketing

This is always included in most marketing strategies. This is creating and publishing high-quality content that is related to the target audience and offers value to the viewers or readers. One way to develop great content marketing is to know what the audience cares about- their needs, desires, and challenges.

PPC Advertising

PPC or also known as pay-per-click is a kind of online ad model. This allows businesses to display ads to people that go online to search for relevant services and products. As what the name says, you pay every time your ad content gets a click from a consumer.

Facebook Advertising

The number of businesses that are advertising using this social media platform keeps increasing each day. This should not be a surprise because ads on Facebook are one of the most effective, yet least expensive ways to advertise a product or service to almost any target audience. Regardless of your industry, using Facebook advertising will give you a great chance of reaching your target buyers.

Social Media Marketing

Utilizing the different social media platforms to reach and interact with your target audience is not anymore, an option but a must. Instead of wondering if should be active on social media or not, you should be more concerned of how much resources and time are you willing to invest to grow your audience and establish a relationship with them.

The primary step to using social media as part of your small business marketing in Melbourne is to choose which channel would you like to invest your time on. You may want to consider a few of them and use them for your own advantage.

Digital marketing is a constant challenge that business, both big and small, constantly faces. But regardless of the changes in the trend and how difficult it might be, knowing the best strategies and using them to work for your advantage will do the trick to stay in the competition.

Product Design Firms: Mistakes to Avoid when Outsourcing your Project

One way for companies to maintain their competitive edge in the market is to know their resources in developing a new product. Also, they should know the portions of the job that would be better left to an engineering consultant. While outsourcing the product design is a smart move, for it to be a success, you should know what mistakes to avoid when selecting from the long list of product design firms that are willing to provide their services.

Not Establishing a Clear Communication

There are some companies that have so many resources that are necessary to get the aspects of a product development project done. However, they still have to rely on outsourcing to product design firms to achieve best results. But the challenge that comes with having two teams to work for one design project is the possibility for a communication breakdown. It is important that before starting a project, a clear communication should be established first. Go for a company that can provide you with a single point of contract. This will help avoid any confusion.

Limited Expertise

For sure you wouldn’t want to work with a company that have very limited expertise. It is important to work with one that has a diverse understanding of what product development is. If you use the services of a company with expertise only in manufacturing, then you are missing out in the expertise of people who fully understands the significance of prototyping in moving on to the next steps.

Not Utilizing Diverse Resources

Diverse expertise is important regardless of how much you are outsourcing to a company. But, make sure that you don’t forget about your resources. While there are some one-stop shop design firms, most of them have resources and will need you to outsource various aspects of the project to companies or do it on their own. Be sure that the company have both the expertise and resources.


Not Knowing when to Outsource

You may find a company that has the expertise and resources to do the job. But the mistake here is assuming that if these two things are present, you should keep it in house. There are several reasons why it is better to outsource the project on internal resources. Each company need to focus on their main business activities that will bring in returns on their investment. While a company may have expertise and in-house resources to acquire a new product development project, if it is not part of the central business activity, it would make sense to outsource to a design firm. This will allow you to focus on distributing resources to your daily activities.

Outsourcing all or just some of the project is a smart move. To make sure that you get the benefits of doing so, you need to be careful and not commit these mistakes.