ICF blocks are fixed together to form the exterior of homes. Then, concrete is poured out into a hollow core to achieve a wildfire-resistant and highly-insulated wall assembly. A safe and strong home from ICF contractors is safe and not expensive.

This is made possible because of its highly insulated and concrete-and-steel building envelope that protects and provides comfort, as well as peace of mind to everyone. Then, while everyone is busy repairing their infrastructure or there is no heating or air conditioning due to power outage, the highly insulated and air tight ICF envelope will keep on surrounding the family with an ambiance of comfort with moderate humidity and temperature level.

If you are not yet convinced and still hesitant to invest in ICF contractors, read and see some of the most important features that an ICF home has.


4-Hour Fire Rating


Steel and concrete ICF walls have a 4-hour rating as opposed to 15-minutes for comparable wood-framed walls. An ICF wall underwent a test of up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit for 4 hours under fire conditions. A wood-framed wall often collapses in just 60 minutes, but in the case of ICF wall, not structural damage is experienced.

Wood burns but concrete does not. Also, concrete does not bend even when it gets hot. It can even withstand heat of thousand degrees, something that is not uncommon in typical house fires. While the contents of the house may still be flammable, the concrete is not. You will have no chance of electrical fire for being inside of a concrete wall.

A concrete wall can help prevent fire from spreading to the interior of the building. It can block enough heat from getting through the walls to begin a fire in the interior for four hours. On the other hand, a wood-framed wall lets heat and flame in to pass through to start a fire in just an hour.


Additional Wildfire Resistance


ICF systems with a foam buck provides insulation around the opening and it also offers a barrier against moisture and air puncture. This provides a constant concrete barrier in the opening for maximum strength.


Fire-Resistant Lid


A metal or steel roof is tremendously fire-resistant and is the best “lid” for an ICF home that is wildfire-resistant. It is capable of insulating against sparks, thus preventing any fire from spreading to the home. A steel roof will not only help you save money by keeping your cooling and heating costs low, but it is also helpful for the environment. Such types of roof are also energy-efficient. During the summer months, they deflect sunlight from getting absorbed. In the winter seasons, they become an insulator- reflecting and circulating air inside the building.

The materials that you use for your home plays a major role in ensuring safety. So, make sure that you only invest in the right ones such as those that can prevent fire.